Foot Clinic (Podiatry)

Do you suffer from heel pain, unsightly toenails, or foot deformities? Dr. Richard C. Bennett, DPM, can evaluate your situation and discuss the best way to give you some relief. He uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat your problems to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Healthy Connections now also features the latest FDA approved laser treatment for toenail fungus.




Richard Bennett, DPM

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“Dr. Bennett recently treated me for a plantar’s wart. I had not had one in over 20 years and remembered the process of being treated as very painful. The old way was to cut through the skin surgically with a knife and then bandage it, take a couple of weeks to recover, it could get infected, etc. etc. When Dr. Bennett treated me with the new laser for my recent episode, I was shocked at how easy and painless the treatment had become. The treatment was over before it began! And NO recovery! No bandages, no keeping it antiseptically clean for a week, no exercise restrictions — it was over fast and painlessly! He is amazing! Can’t recommend him more highly! I will definitely be a repeat patient of Dr. Bennett’s.”

Great bed-side manner…seemed very well informed and knowledgeable…didn’t push unneeded procedures.

I would like to thank Dr. Bennett for his kindness and patience with my foot problem. He made me feel so relieved to know that this problem is not as bad as I thought. The laser treatment was performed with the utmost care and concern for me and his knowledge in his field is impeccable. I will be visiting the clinic again and will recommend Dr. Bennett to my friends. Thanks again.