Director of Specialty Healthcare Services

Organization: Healthy Connections
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Non-clinical
Job Location: AR-Little Rock Midtown
Job Location
  •  1100 N. University Ave. #260, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72207, United States
Who we’re seeking

Healthy Connections is seeking a Director of Specialty Healthcare Services for our Community Health Network.

The job

The Director of Specialty Healthcare Services is responsible for providing leadership and administrative oversight in delivering optimal specialty services to patients consistent with Healthy Connections, Inc. (HCI) and Healthy Connections Specialty, LLC (HCS) policies and procedures. The employee in this position plays an active role in reducing obstacles for patients in receiving much needed specialty care, while ensuring that the health center continues to meet the current statutory, regulatory and policy requirements and the mission of the organization. This includes enhanced access for patients, families, and physicians to specialty healthcare resources through systems of collaboration, shared problem solving, flexible team leadership, and communication. The Director of Specialty Healthcare Services must be committed to ongoing quality improvement and take an active and data-driven approach to identifying quality initiatives related to integrated care and patient outcomes utilizing Key Performance Indicators. This position is responsible for managing the work of HCS staff to ensure service delivery and all operational aspects to achieve excellent service and performance in line with company strategy, goals and values. This employee monitors and evaluates the patient care environment, insures achievement of departmental financial budgetary goals, and serves as a liaison to members of senior management. This position requires significant interpersonal staff and public contact, appropriate and professional conduct, professional attire, independent judgment, personal initiative and successful resolution of problems.


Patient Relations

  • Continuously assess the need for specialty services, financial impact of such services and criteria for inclusion of specialty services within the Federal scope of the HCI health center project. Assessment will ensure a logical and complimentary extension of the required primary health care services already provided.
  • Ensure that the organization has systems in place to review quality measures and assess and realign quality improvement efforts that develop partnerships between the patient, family, primary care provider and specialty care provider.
  • Improve access to high quality specialty services, including cardiology, podiatry, rheumatology, dermatology, and other identified service lines.
  • Ensure a patient focused, personalized approach by evaluating processes from beginning to end. Collect and use information about patient cycle times, workflow, referrals and staff feedback to make adjustments in staffing to enhance the patient experience of care.

Staff Relations/Team Building

  • Market the model and vision for specialty care to others, creating buy-in and support for the vision both internally and outside of the organization. Encourage all staff, at all levels, to participate in advocacy work.
  • Create an environment where the HCS team is connected to the HCI team. Coordinate ease of appropriate access to specialty healthcare staff members, fostering necessary relationships and making services available.
  • Coordinate and conduct interdisciplinary team meetings to create awareness among clinicians from different backgrounds that helps them develop and understand each other’s work and services.
  • Create and consistently use multiple pathways or workflows to facilitate patient access to HCS providers, including consultations and proactive referrals.
  • Ensure physical and high social presence of HCS staff, often sharing work space with primary care clinicians and clinical support team members, facilitating conversation and coordination.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing regarding specialty care of the most complex patients, educating, training, and supporting primary care clinicians to manage the more moderate and routine needs of patients. Identify and address the needs of patients that can be managed in the clinic and those patients who need more intensive services.
  • Ensure providers have access to both HCS and HCI medical, behavioral health and ancillary services information and records for optimum patient care. Work with appropriate personnel to insure the EHR system is customized for specialty services and has certain features that are important to supporting the delivery of population-based care.
  • Provide leadership in quality improvement efforts through process improvement such as workflows, policies and procedures documents, which are used to train others in professional specialty care practices.
  • Build a sustainable staffing structure for specialty care by continuously developing, recruiting and retaining the HCS team to serve populations across the lifespan, including rural and medically underserved areas. Special emphasis shall be on establishing or expanding internships or field placement programs in specialty services that include interdisciplinary training for students/interns and career development.

Administrative Duties

  • Develop and implement clearly defined procedures outlining responsibilities, operational features and objectives of HCS.
  • For specialty services not within the health center scope, ensure financial ability to generate adequate revenue to cover all expenses to provide such services
  • Improve policies and procedures for determining and tracking in-scope services as opposed to additional specialty health services. Provide training to staff members on policies and procedures, obtaining signed acknowledgment of training
  • Work with Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer to establish annual key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress in meeting and/or exceeding goals.
  • Achieve departmental financial goals by effectively managing patient scheduling, staff productivity, adherence to budget and continually looking for cost-savings and resource expansion opportunities.
  • Run and analyze management reports and takes appropriate action.
  • Continuously work with billing team members to ensure that latest billing codes are being utilized for charge capture, billing and collection.
  • Work with appropriate personnel to develop supplemental sources of income by continuously reviewing HCI patient needs, comparative data, industry standards, outcomes, patient satisfaction
  • Ensure appointment times or anytime the patient load requires additional staff to effectively handle the volume of patients by carefully managing HCS providers’ schedules to insure availability.
  • Hire, train, and supervise staff to deliver specialty care that is aligned with the organization’s purpose, mission, values, and integration model.
  • Supervise HCS staff members and proactively manage their performance and development including but not limited to performance expectations, feedback, appraisals and corrective actions.
  • Coordinate training, and cross-training of direct reports to ensure optimal operation.
Qualifications for this job
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration or related business field
  • Management/supervisory experience in a health care field, preferably in specialty care management. Experience should reflect a working knowledge of healthcare operations, business development, physician relations, human resource management, effective communication, financial and statistical analyses, and leadership expertise
  • Management skills to perform planning, directing, reporting and administrative responsibilities
  • Strong business acumen and common sense
  • Ability to actively communicate, inspire and motivate all levels of staff
  • Ability to think and act strategically and proactively
  • Successful project management experience
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish) skills are preferred but not required
  • Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft office products, and familiarity with network systems
  • Excellent organizational, written and customer service skills necessary
  • Ability to travel to other locations and to meetings outside of the service area
  • Ability to understand verbal communication and instruction, exchange verbal information and to present information verbally
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective, courteous working relationships with patients, staff team members, business entities and others
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and problem-solve independently
Employee Benefits Include
  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • 401k retirement savings account
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Four-day workweek
  • And more
Who we are

Healthy Connections is a Mena-based Community Health Network with locations throughout southwest and central Arkansas. Since its founding as a home-visiting program in 1998, Healthy Connections has been able to provide much-needed health, dental, behavioral health, and social services to families of every lifestyle. Services include primary care/family medicine, specialty services including cardiology, podiatry, and women’s health, My Kids Pediatric Clinic, Evolve Behavioral Health Services and Medication Management, Health For Life Clinic, Healthy Families Arkansas Polk and Garland counties, and more. Learn more about Healthy Connections at

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