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Learn all the Why’s behind diabetes

Healthy Connections is now sponsoring a Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP), an education curriculum designed to help people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, relatives, and caregivers gain a better understanding of diabetes self-care. Classes last a total of five weeks, proving participants with eight unique learning modules.

The goals of the DEEP curriculum include:

  • Improving and maintaining the quality of life of persons with pre-diabetes and existing diabetes.
  • Preventing complications and incapacities
  • Improving eating habits and maintaining adequate nutrition
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Developing self-care skills
  • Improving the relationship between patients and health care providers
  • Utilizing available resources.

The class guidelines are:

  • Evidence-based
  • Eight learning modules taught over six weeks
  • 12-15 people per class
  • Participatory teaching and learning
  • Classes last approximately 90 minutes
  • Classes are taught by Healthy Connections Certified Peer Educators

The five sessions will allow time to complete the eight areas of focus:

  1. Understanding the Human Body and how Diabetes affects your total body.
  2. Understanding Diabetes and Its Risk Factors.
  3. Monitoring your body/Understanding what your body is trying to tell you.
  4. Physical Activity and Diabetes.
  5. Management of Diabetes through Meal Planning.
  6. Diabetes Complications: Identification and Prevention.
  7. Learning about Medications and Medical Care.
  8. Diabetes and Depression: Mobilizing Family and Friends.


    Begins: Thursday, January 24
    Time: 4 – 5:30 p.m.
    Class Schedule: Jan. 24, 31; Feb. 7, 14, and 21.
    Location: 136 Health Park Lane, Mena
    Cost: Free
    Register: Please call (479)437-3449 Ext. 161 prior to Jan. 24 to confirm attendance.

    Healthy Connections DEEP Certified Peer Educators:

    • Mena: Michelle Gibson
    • Mena: DeAnne Allen
    • Mena: Brittney Sims
    • Mena: Alyssa Green
    • Hot Springs: Celene Viana
    • Mount Ida: Amanda Bennett