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Physical Therapy helps people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit their regular ability to move and function. Adam Gunn, PT DPT, can help patients re-gain movement or strength after an injury or illness. 


Adam Gunn
DPT - Physical Therapy

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As with any medical practice, a variety of therapies can be applied to treat a range of conditions:


Focuses on treating conditions due to orthopedic injuries, including joints, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Orthopedic injuries and .


Specializing in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement problems due to disease or injury of the nervous system. Physical Therapy can help improve or restore mobility.


Physical Therapy is a proven means for older adults from every level of physical ability to improve their balance and strength, build their confidence, and remain active.

joint pain

Physical Therapy can help with joint pain, including lower back, neck, shoulder, hip and knees.

return to sports

Whether returning to sports after an injury or just to help prevention of injuries, Physical Therapy can be used to strengthen weakened areas.


Physical Therapy is used to help patients improve cardiovascular health or lung health.

Physical Therapy can benefit patients in a variety of ways:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Improve movement or agility
  • Avoid surgery
  • Improve mobility
  • Recover from a stroke
  • Recover from or prevent a sports injury
  • Improve balance and prevent falls
  • Manage a chronic illness (ie. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis)
  • Adapt to an artificial limb/prosthetics
  • Learn to use assistive devices (ie. walker or cane)
  • Manage age-related issues
  • Manage heart or lung disease
  • Decrease dizziness