Mena Health Park Lane


136 Health Park Lane 
P.O. Box 1848 Mena, Arkansas 71953
Phone: 479-437-3449
Fax: 479-243-0285
Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:45 AM – 6 PM
Specialties: Primary and Preventative Medical Care; General Dentistry; Behavioral Health



Vito Calandro, MD
Physician - Cardiology
Lonnie Sessler, MD
Physician - Primary Care
Sherilyn Webb, MD
Physician - Primary Care
Bill Beasley, DDS
Terri Barrada
APRN - Primary Care
Lindy Jumper
APRN - Primary Care
Eric Webb
Physician Assistant - Primary Care
Julie Oglesby
LMFT LPC - Behavioral Health
Kathy Reed
RDH - Dental Hygienist
Sydney Seals
RDH - Dental Hygienist

Check out the progress on the addition to this facility, which will be open to serve patients  in 2019.