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Congratulations to Healthy Connections’ Charl Buxton, APRN PMHNP, for being elected the Region 3 Southwest Director on the Arkansas Nurses Association’s Board of Directors.

Buxton is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at the Hot Springs Central location.

Buxton diagnoses and treats common psychiatric problems, mental illnesses, and crisis situations. She will also assess the mental health needs of individuals, families, and groups, formulate healthcare plans, implement treatment and evaluate the effectiveness of the patients’ short- and long-term progress.

PMHNPs also:

  • Offer outpatient care to address sudden changes in a patient’s mental status or chronic mental conditions
  • Perform various patient assessments
  • Develop holistic, cross-disciplinary treatment plans
  • Prescribe medications in compliance with state scope of practice laws
  • Collaborate with doctors and make appropriate patient referrals
  • Analyze the effectiveness of treatments
  • Education patients, families and others on challenges in mental health

Buxton is able to see both established Healthy Connections patients and can take referrals from other healthcare providers.

To schedule appointments with Buxton, call (888) 710-8220. Learn more about the Healthy Connections Behavioral Health program at