By Tosha Honey, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Evolve Behavioral Health Services and Medication Management

Tosha Honey, LPC

With the 2024 solar eclipse approaching, excitement is skyrocketing, but so might your stress levels. Don’t worry, we’ve got your mental well-being covered!

Navigating Crowds with Calm: Mindful Eclipse Strategies

Crowds can be overwhelming, especially with eclipse fever bringing an influx of visitors. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, find a quiet corner and take a deep breath (or ten!). Practice mindfulness techniques like observing the details in your surroundings and focusing on the present moment, instead of focusing on negative thought patterns that could be contributing to negative emotions. Remember, it’s okay to step away from the buzz and excitement when needed!

Calming the Pre-Eclipse Frenzy: Mental Health Tips for the Countdown

The lead-up to any big event can be stressful. Prioritize self-care activities like journaling, meditation, or a relaxing bath. Set realistic expectations for the eclipse experience, and most importantly, don’t hesitate to talk to loved ones if you feel overwhelmed. Your well-being is important and should be a priority!

Coping with Community Influx: Techniques for a Tranquil Eclipse Journey

With extra folks around, create your own peaceful oasis. Designate a “chill zone” in your home, filled with things that bring you joy. Stick to your regular routines as much as possible – it provides a sense of grounding amidst the excitement. These simple routines can be powerful stress-busters!

Remember, You’re Not Alone: Connecting with Evolve’s Community Support

Evolve Behavioral Health Services and Medication Management is here for you! If you need someone to talk to, vent to, or simply seek extra support, we’re just a call away at 800-409-6250. Our confidential counseling services are here to help you navigate any emotional waves that might arise during the eclipse and beyond.

Your Healthy Mind, Your Extraordinary Eclipse Experience

As our community gears up for this celestial spectacle, let’s ensure our mental well-being shines just as brightly as the eclipsed sun. Remember, your mental health is just as important (if not more important!) as the event itself. With these tips and Evolve’s supportive resources, you’re all set to enjoy the eclipse with a calm and centered mind.

For more info and access to our mental health resources, visit And hey, if you need an appointment, give us a ring at 800-409-6250.

Take care, stay resilient, and let’s embrace the eclipse with open hearts and healthy minds!

Tosha Honey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Evolve Behavioral Health Services and Medication Management in Hot Springs. Call 800-409-6250 for appointments.