Zachary Geiling, APRN, Honored as Premier Medical Provider in Hot Springs Village for 2023

Zachary Geiling Best Provider Hot Springs VillageHealthy Connections is delighted to announce that Zachary Geiling, APRN, has been recognized as the Best Physician/Healthcare Provider in the Hot Springs Village Voice Readers’ Choice Best of Garland and Saline Counties for 2023.

This remarkable achievement was celebrated at a distinguished ceremony held on Aug. 26 at The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. The accolade stands as a testament to Zachary’s unyielding dedication and passion, qualities that have deeply resonated with both his patients and colleagues. Join us as we celebrate this well-deserved honor and explore why he stands as the foremost choice for individuals of all age groups seeking primary care and family medicine services within The Village.

The Hot Springs Village Voice Readers’ Choice Best of Garland and Saline Counties garnered an impressive 60,000 votes spanning diverse categories. Among these, Zachary emerged as the undeniable winner due to his resolute commitment to patient well-being, the superlative quality of care he dispenses, and the positive, transformative influence he exerts on the lives of those under his care.

“Zach’s unwavering commitment to patient-centered care and his dedication to cultivating a healthier community set him apart in Hot Springs Village,” remarked Healthy Connections CEO Tony Calandro. “This recognition perfectly embodies the core tenets of Healthy Connections – to provide healthcare services with unwavering compassion and a commitment to excellence.”

In a competitive category featuring esteemed nominees like Dr. Kristi Sutton and Dr. Seth Barnes of CHI St. Vincent, Zachary stood out as the indisputable choice for the Best Physician/Healthcare Provider award, reflecting his exceptional embodiment of Healthy Connections’ three pillars: Community, Compassion, and Excellence.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Zachary possesses the unique capability to cater to patients of all ages, tending to primary care and family medicine needs. Whether it involves preventive health measures, the management of chronic conditions, or addressing acute concerns, Zachary’s expertise ensures that patients receive holistic, tailored care aligned with their specific health requirements.

Zachary joined the Healthy Connections Hot Springs Village clinic in 2022, coinciding with the clinic’s inauguration at Rogers Plaza near the West Gate. Since then, he has seamlessly integrated himself into the clinic’s overarching mission of providing accessible, top-notch healthcare to the community. Patients who have been under Zachary’s care consistently applaud his compassionate approach, unwavering attentiveness, and steadfast dedication to their overall well-being.

Whether you are seeking a healthcare provider for yourself or your entire family, Zachary is poised to offer expert guidance and support at every stage. His patient-centered approach ensures that your health objectives are at the forefront, and your concerns are met with empathy and understanding.

Conveniently situated at 4585 N. State Hwy. 7, Suite 11, in Hot Springs Village, the Healthy Connections clinic’s dedication to community well-being is harmoniously aligned with Zachary’s approach to patient care.

To learn more the clinic’s comprehensive services and Zachary’s pivotal role, please visit For seamless appointment scheduling, feel free to reach out at 888-710-8220.

Operating from 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, the clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accessible and convenient healthcare services for all.