Check out our shining stars. Presenting the Healthy Connections July Employees of the Month for July:




As Employees of the Month, they are entitled to either a $50 gift card or one day off.

Throughout July, Malissa,  Dustin, and Melissa exemplified our Health Connections three pillars of Excellence, Compassion, and Community.

Malissa is the patient care coordinator for Cardiology and is based in Mena. This month, Malissa ensured that all supplies were available, organized, and ready when Dr. Vito Calandro was in Mena for the cardiology clinic. This helped make Dr. Calandro’s time more efficient.

Check out what Malissa’s co-workers had to say about her:

  • “Malissa is fun to work with and very easy going. She is always willing to help.”
  • “Malissa has a disciplined and reliable work ethic. She initiates help to hear teammates and makes an effort to educate herself on all aspects of her job. She is efficient with her time and is mindful of deadlines.”

Dustin works in IT in Mena and monitors and maintains the computer systems, diagnoses hardware and software issues. This month he went above and beyond in developing a print server and then making changes throughout to accommodate the needs across Healthy Connections.

Check out what some of Dustin’s co-workers had to say about him:

  • “Dustin is always available, checks in on all of us, and immediately fixes our oops-ups.”
  • “He’s always there when we need him … and we need him a lot.”

Melissa is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Malvern clinic. The Malvern clinic has continued to be busy despite having to rotate providers throughout the past couple of months. And Melissa has been a great team player during this time.

Here’s what Melissa’s co-workers said about her:

  • “Melissa is a wonderful, thorough, informative nurse. She will help anyone with anything.”


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