Celebrating Our Nurses

This week we celebrate our amazing nurses across the Healthy Connections Community Health Network with National Nurses Week 2023.

Every year from May 6-12, nurses are recognized for their service and dedication to caring for others and improving the health of patients nationwide. Nurses Week celebrates the effort, dedication, and sacrifice nurses make every day. Nurses are essential members of our healthcare workforce who provide care at every stage of life, working with patients at their most intimate and vulnerable moments. We want to give a shout out to all of our Healthy Connections nurses and say thank you for all that we do.

We also asked our employees, patients and communities to give a shout out to our nurses.

Thank you Briana Newcomb for being someone I can always look up to! Its been an absolute pleasure working with one of the best nurses I know
and I will forever love and appreciate you!

- Kendall Bailey

Celene Viana is an amazing asset to our company and clients. Thank you Celene for everything you do for Healthy Connections and Evolve.

- Sakinah Shaw

Thank you Russellville nurses for all you do for others at your location. A big thank you!

- Margaret

Nedra Johnson recently joined Healthy Connections and we are so blessed to have her. She always comes in with a positive attitude and is great with the patients. She is a true team player..

- Misty Morris

Thank you Little Rock Midtown nurses for always being there to help even though I will ask questions more than once.  I’m grateful for Misty, Cederica, Ms. Nedra and our wonderful APRN Tonya Sauers. They are always here to help me whenever I’m in need. 🙂

- Jasmine

I want to give a special thanks to Misti!!!! From the moment I started at Healthy Connections. She has gone above and beyond for me
with training and support. She is more than just a team player, she is a super nurse!!!!

- Nedra Johnson

Thank you for going above and beyond for your patients and your team! Nurses are the heartbeat of HCI & we are so thankful for you!

-Jessica Hood

Director of Nursing, Healthy Connections

Thank you Desiree Dyer for everything thing that you do!!!! You are an amazing nurse an friend ❤️ You are definitely a gift to the medical

- Terrie Fort

Hot Springs

Thank you Mena Nurses for always going above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the best possible care ❤

- Carolyn Alexander

Thank you Megan Neer for always being willing to help and take care of our patients. You are so kind and Centralized Scheduling would be lost without you!

- Halee Baker

Thank you Tonya Bauer for everything you do!! You are an amazing nurse.

- Desiree