Congratulations to our Healthy Connections October Employees of the Month:



As Employees of the Month, they are entitled to either a $50 gift card or one day off.

Jessica and Amanda exemplify the Healthy Connections pillars of Excellence, Compassion, and Community. Jessica is the Patient Care Coordinator at the Arkadelphia clinic, while Amanda is the Clinical Support Coordinator in Mena.

Check out what Jessica’s co-workers had to say about her:

  • Jessica is always positive and very personable. She is helpful at all times and knowledgeable and if she does not know something, she doesn’t “pass the buck.” She will find out how to address an issue and handle it accordingly.
  • Jessica is always here with a smile on her face. I have never heard one complaint from her. She is always one of the first to address any mishaps in our office. She will be one of the first to address cleanliness with any accidents that happen. She will always assist with anything asked of her. She is always professional with all aspects of her job. She is an asset to Healthy Connections and a joy to work with.
  • Jessica goes out of her way to make the day special. She is always trying to help someone other than herself, She puts her job first as a patient care coordinator. This office could not run smoothly without her. I nominate her because she puts our patients first.

And what Amanda’s co-workers had to say about her:

  • I wouldn’t have made it through my maternity leave without Amanda picking up a majority of my work. She did a great job and never once complained about the extra workload sent her way. Not only did she make being out possible for me but she kept everything with the providers running smoothly and they did not feel abandoned while I was out. I couldn’t do it without her.
  • Amanda is always very attentive to anything I may need. She is prompt in finding answers to my questions and taking care of anything I need. If I call Amanda, even if I don’t leave a voicemail, she always returns my call. Also, she always follows up with me to ensure my issues are resolved.

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