Transforming Women’s Healthcare in Central Arkansas with Compassionate Obstetrics and Comprehensive Women’s Health Services

Healthy Connections, Inc., is thrilled to introduce a radiant gem in women’s health: Dr. Kara Worley, MD OBGYN.

A Lively Approach to Women’s Health

Dr. Worley’s approach to women’s health is as unique as her spirited personality. She doesn’t simply deliver babies; she joyfully declares that she “catches babies.” This lively philosophy encapsulates her approach to healthcare, resonating deeply with her patients and colleagues.

“When you talk about labor and delivery, I don’t deliver anything. The moms deliver and I catch,” Dr. Worley said. “I had a mom several years ago start the hashtag #DeliveredByMomsCaughtByDrWorley which is more the truth of what I do. The mom does all the hard work and we’re the cheerleaders around her.”

Complementary Partnership

Dr. Worley’s partnership with Pittman Moore, MD OBGYN, adds a new dimension to women’s healthcare at Healthy Connections. Dr. Moore is an experienced specialist in women’s health procedures and Biote, a bioidentical hormone treatment. Their collaboration forms an unbeatable team. Having attended medical school together, they share a profound understanding of each other’s approach to patient care.

“I am delighted to be part of Healthy Connections and contribute to the well-being of women in our community,” Dr. Worley said. “I believe Healthy Connections is the perfect place for me to continue this journey.”

Her path to Central Arkansas

Dr. Worley’s journey in medicine began with her roots in Texarkana, Ark., and culminated in a medical degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. Her training took her to places like New Orleans, where she completed internships, and Albuquerque, N.M., where she pursued her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“I had been a doctor for about 5 minutes, so you know at that point we learned quickly what we needed to do,” Dr. Worley said of her time in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. “It was a good lesson of what happens when conditions deteriorate. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long ago. There are still traces of Katrina and New Orleans. Now, I think it made me appreciate my job more especially happening so soon in my career.”

Prior to joining Healthy Connections, Dr. Worley made substantial contributions to women’s healthcare during her tenure at Ashley County Medical Center in Crossett, Ark. Her commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive care aligns seamlessly with Healthy Connections’ core values of Community, Compassion, and Excellence.

Expanding Access Across the Region

Dr. Worley is dedicated to serving communities throughout Central Arkansas. Patients can access her expertise at Healthy Connections clinics in Hot Springs, Malvern, and Arkadelphia. This expansion brings essential women’s health services closer to home, ensuring that women in these areas receive the care they deserve.

Accepting Medicaid, Medicare, and Most Health Insurance

Dr. Worley’s commitment to accessible healthcare extends to her acceptance of Medicaid, Medicare, and most health insurance plans. For patients without insurance who qualify, Healthy Connections offers a sliding fee scale, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive quality care.

A Bright Future for Women’s Health

Dr. Worley will have an affiliation with National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, where she will deliver babies and perform surgeries.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Kara Worley to our Healthy Connections family,” said Tony Calandro, CEO of Healthy Connections, Inc. “Her dedication to excellence and compassionate care mirrors our values, and her expertise will help us grow our Women’s Health and Obstetrics program to better serve our communities.”

Seamless Healthcare Transitions

Healthy Connections boasts a robust healthcare network, including primary care/family medicine services at clinics throughout the region and My Kids Pediatric Clinic in Hot Springs and Malvern, led by Dr. Jeremy Porter. The integration of the expanded obstetrics program means that women will have the opportunity to seamlessly move through the Community Health Network, from primary care to obstetrics, to pediatrics, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care for the entire family.

As Healthy Connections continues to shine as a beacon of healthcare excellence, the arrival of Dr. Kara Worley promises a brighter and more vibrant future for women’s healthcare in Central Arkansas. Her philosophy of providing personalized and compassionate care aligns perfectly with the spirit of Healthy Connections, creating a harmonious narrative in the journey of healthcare for women. Whether you’re looking for the best OBGYN, prenatal care, or maternity services in Hot Springs, Dr. Worley and Healthy Connections stand ready to meet your needs.