Medicaid & ARKids First

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The Medicaid program helps pay for necessary medical services for low income persons with the following criteria:

  • ARKids A for children age 6 and over is 100% of the federal poverty level, for children under age 6 it is 133%, for Arkids B it is 200% of the federal poverty level up to age 19.
  • For over age 65 –AR senior’s income must be at or below 80% of FPL, for QMB at or below 100%, SMB between 100 and 120%, QI-1 at least 120% but less than 135% of FPL.
  • Medicaid ongoing or spend down services for families that have children in the home that are deprived of one parent’s support, i.e. disabled, absent parent, unemployed parent.
  • Aged or disabled individuals that need spend down services, Long Term Care services, Elder Choices in home services or AAPD waiver services for disabled individuals.
  • Blind or disabled
  • Pregnant-income guidelines are at 200% poverty level for SOBRA (Sixth Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) or commonly call ARkids A for pregnant women
  • Diagnosed with Breast or cervical cancer or TB
  • Women who are able to have children-Family Planning

Applications for ARKids are available online,