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Dr. Jefferson is a general medical physician practicing in Little Rock, AR. He graduated from University Of Arkansas College Of Medicine in 1972 and specializes in general medical practice

Dr. Jefferson has decades of experience in providing the highest quality of care for a variety of diseases and conditions.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Wellness Checkup

  • HIV / STD Screening & Treatment

  • PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylactic (Truvada)

  • MMR – Medical Marijuana Certified

  • MAT – Medically Assisted Treatment (Suboxone)

  • Weight Loss

  • ED – Erectile Dysfunction
  • HRT – Testosterone/Estrogen Replacement

  • Cosmetic Treatments (Botox, Radiesse)

Dr. Jefferson was on the forefront of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from it’s early days.  As an advocate for early detection and prevention, the idea of a prophylactic drug to help prevent the transmission of the disease was a no-brainer.  Medications like Truvada can add a layer of protection to reduce that possibility.

Since the opiate epidemic erupted across the United States, Terry has been quick to respond by getting involved and offering treatment options such as MAT, or medically assisted treatment for opiate addiction.  This generally consists of a treatment plan using approved medications such as Suboxone and counseling.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas, Terry has become a certified MMR physician offering assistance to patients with a qualifying health condition.

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