Healthy Connections, Inc., has awarded Dr. Bill Beasley, DDS, with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Beasley, who is a dentist at Healthy Connections Mena (136 Health Park Lane), has been with Healthy Connections for more than seven years.

“It means a tremendous amount to me. Healthy Connections has really been good to me. I think that they have given me the freedom to practice in a manner that I wanted to do. And to do really high quality of work. They’ve provided what I needed and I have been able to do everything from implants to simple extractions,” Beasley said.

Dr. Beasley came to Healthy Connections in 2012 after working the previous 11 years in Little Rock. While he enjoyed working, he felt like he needed to get back to his roots a bit. Early in his career he had worked in public health and saw Healthy Connections as an opportunity to get back to that. He and his wife moved from Hot Springs Village to Mena and a special relationship started between him and Healthy Connections.

“I really enjoy just trying to meet the needs of people who don’t have the resources to get what they need,” Dr. Beasley said. “I just always felt like I’m going to take care of Healthy Connections and they’re going to take care of me, and the Lord is going to take care of both of us. That’s just been my attitude.”

And through a number of transitional stages in the dental department, Dr. Beasley has been a constant.

“Dr. Beasley has been a trooper for us,” said Healthy Connections CEO Tony Calandro. “He has been steady, consistent, and done whatever we needed him to do. Whenever others have left and there have been pieces to pick up, he’s been there. You couldn’t ask for a better employee.”

Dr. Beasley’s schedule has been reduced a bit in recent years. And now he’s involved in mentoring the newest dentists at Healthy Connections Mena, including Ian Craig, DMD, and Rachel Schroepfer, DMD.

“I have always felt the support from the administration and the Board, that they were able to help me. I’ve worked with many people in the dental department for a long time and really appreciate all of them,” Dr. Beasley said. “Healthy Connections could not have been any better, and I’ve tried to do my part for them. I have had a great experience and been so blessed to get to know so many people.”

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