​This Thanksgiving Day, we at Healthy Connections give thanks for all of our providers, staff, patients, friends, and families.

To celebrate this year, we asked some of our employees what they are thankful for this year.


Family, Friends, Health, Co-Workers, My job, my church, and all the blessings that the Lord continues to give to me daily.

Jessica Sickles


This year I’m thankful for many things. My family, my job, and my co-workers are just a few. Yes, it has been a rough year for many of us, but we all can look and see good things that have happened as well. Remember to thank those around you for all they do. Also under all these masks, smile!

Kathy Cook


I am so thankful for so many things – friends, family, being an American. But I’d like to especially point out that I’m thankful for my co-workers, people who have come together for the purpose of taking care of other, understanding that even with the risks of working in healthcare the benefits of helping others outweigh those risks. Happy, happy Thanksgiving to my HCI peeps!

Phyllis Cunningham


I am thankful that I have such a wonderful work atmosphere where everyone cares about meeting our patient needs. We have something very special here at HCI.

Stephanie Matthews

Mount Ida

I am thankful for my Salvation and my Church family, my husband, kids, and family and that they are all healthy and live close, my health, my job, living in a small town where everyone knows everyone and looks after each other, the freedoms we have now in America, Vacations with my husband and family, Pepsi, Sweet Tea, Dressing, Coconut Pie and ziplock baggies. 

Traci Pulley


I’m thankful for me and my family staying healthy and well with everything that is going on!

Nikki Dillard


I am thankful for Latricia Reed & Audra Davidson. They never fail to help me. The Chippewa Clinic has been super informative and the women are amazing.

Candy Meyer

Hot Springs

Mostly for my salvation, and my God who makes all blessings flow, innumerable to count. The inner joy that carries me through, and the peace that comes from that security. My family, our health, and freedom. Our jobs, my boss, and the amazing dental team. They are an amazing group of people.

Debbie Bailey


I am thankful for my family (my children) and my work family at HCI! 🙂

Megan Carter