Community, Compassion, and Excellence are the core pillars that define Healthy Connections, and each month, we take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate individuals who embody these values in their everyday work. For the month of July, we are proud to announce Sheila Carter and Alexa Brewer as our East and West Employees of the Month, respectively.

Sheila Carter: East Employee of the Month

Sheila Carter, a Medical Assistant from the Sheridan clinic, has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment to her role at Healthy Connections. In a nomination that resonated with her colleagues, Sheila’s remarkable work ethic and unwavering dedication were highlighted. She has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, proving herself to be a true asset during the busiest times at the Pinnacle Clinic.

One of the defining qualities that set Sheila apart is her willingness to tackle any task thrown her way. She approaches her responsibilities with unwavering determination and a smile on her face. Patients and coworkers alike have praised her kindness and helpfulness, making her a beloved member of the Healthy Connections family.

Moreover, even during challenging situations, Sheila’s positive attitude remains unshaken. She radiates optimism and warmth, creating a supportive and uplifting environment for those around her. Sheila’s dedication to her patients’ well-being and her genuine concern for her colleagues make her a deserving recipient of this award.

As the East Employee of the Month, Sheila will receive a $50 credit to the HC-Hub Company Store, where she can treat herself to a well-deserved reward for her exceptional contributions.

Alexa Brewer: West Employee of the Month

Alexa Brewer, the Clinic Support Coordinator based in Mena, has left an indelible mark on her peers with her outstanding efforts and passion for her work. Colleagues who nominated Alexa have been immensely grateful for her continuous support and eagerness to share her knowledge.

Her commitment to excellence is evident in her willingness to invest time and effort into training the nursing staff on new processes. Alexa’s approachable nature and caring attitude make her an effective and inspiring educator. She consistently fosters a culture of learning and growth, empowering her colleagues to deliver top-notch care to patients.

Beyond her professional competence, Alexa’s compassionate and caring personality shines through in every interaction. She makes it a point to go the extra mile, ensuring that everyone feels valued and appreciated.

As the West Employee of the Month, Alexa will also receive a $50 credit to the HC-Hub Company Store, where she can treat herself for being an outstanding member of the Healthy Connections team.

Recognizing the Best in Healthy Connections

Sheila Carter and Alexa Brewer are shining examples of the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of Healthy Connections. Through their commitment to the pillars of Community, Compassion, and Excellence, they have made a positive impact on the lives of patients and colleagues alike.

As we celebrate their achievements, let us also take a moment to reflect on the broader significance of these qualities in our workplace. The spirit of community fosters collaboration and support, while compassion creates an environment of empathy and understanding. Together with excellence, these values lay the foundation for a thriving and nurturing workplace culture.

Congratulations to Sheila Carter and Alexa Brewer for their well-deserved recognition as July Employees of the Month. Their contributions inspire us all to continue striving for excellence in everything we do, making Healthy Connections an exceptional organization for both our employees and the communities we serve.

Healthy Connections provides quality healthcare with compassion and a focus on community well-being. Join us as we celebrate our outstanding team members who exemplify these values in action. Stay tuned for more updates and news from Healthy Connections.

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