Investing In Healthy Smiles With Sealants

As we celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month coming in February, we are thrilled to unveil the details of our annual Polk County Sealant Project 2024 – a pivotal initiative in our ongoing commitment to promoting oral health among Mena’s youth.

The Polk County Sealant Project: A Community Health Initiative

Since its inception, the Polk County Sealant Project has stood as a beacon of preventive dental care in Mena. In collaboration with the University of Arkansas Fort Smith Hygiene School, this program aims to provide essential dental care to students in the Mena School District, Ouachita River School District, and the Cossatot River School District.

Why Dental Sealants Matter

Dental sealants, a proven preventive measure in dentistry since the 1960s, are thin, plastic coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Extensive studies conducted by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and others have demonstrated their efficacy and safety.

These invisible shields act as a barrier, blocking up to 80% of cavity-causing germs and food particles from the pits and grooves of the back teeth. This preventative measure not only safeguards children’s dental health but also contributes to significant long-term savings by averting future dental procedures.

National Children’s Dental Health Month Celebration

February, designated as National Children’s Dental Health Month, serves as a fitting backdrop for our Polk County Sealant Project. This month-long celebration underscores the importance of instilling good oral health habits in children and raises awareness about the significance of preventive dental care.

How to Participate in the Polk County Sealant Project 2024

This year’s project is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 15th, and Thursday, February 22nd. However, please note that dates are subject to change based on demand. The tentative schedule designates specific schools for each day:

  • February 15th: Wickes, Oden, Umpire, Van Cove, Acorn
  • February 22nd: Louise Durham, Holly Harshman, and Mena Middle School

To participate, parents and guardians are requested to complete the student/patient registration form, which will be sent home with students and needs to be returned by January 25, 2024. This form is crucial for your child’s screening and the application of sealants/fluoride at the Healthy Connections Mena clinic at 136 Health Park Lane.

Don’t Live in Polk County? No Problem!

If you reside outside Polk County, your child can still benefit from dental sealants at either our Mena or Hot Springs clinics. Simply call us at 888-710-8220, and we can work out the details. Appointments are available at your convenience, not limited to the specified project dates.

Comprehensive Dental Services at Healthy Connections

Beyond the Polk County Sealant Project, Healthy Connections extends its commitment to oral health through a range of dental services for all ages. With locations in Mena and Hot Springs, our dental programs cater to the diverse needs of our communities.

Fluoride Varnish Application

In addition to dental sealants, our program includes the application of fluoride varnish, a dental treatment designed to prevent tooth decay. This treatment is applied on the top and sides of teeth with a small brush, hardening upon contact with saliva.

Preventing Tooth Decay: More Than Just Sealants

While dental sealants are a powerful tool in preventing tooth decay, there are additional measures to consider. Alongside using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water, maintaining a healthy diet and seeing your dentist regularly are effective ways to protect teeth from decay. Selecting a toothpaste containing fluoride and consulting with your dentist or pediatrician about water fluoridation are essential steps in maintaining your child’s dental health.

Join Us in Building a Healthier Polk County Together

We encourage you to share this information within your network, using #HealthySmilesMena on social media. For any inquiries or further information about our dental programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for joining us in this important community health initiative. At Healthy Connections, we believe in building a healthier Arkansas– one smile at a time.

December Employees of the Month

Christi Martin

Our December 2023 Employees of the Month are Christi Martin and Steven Blake. They have been chosen for going above and beyond in exemplifying our three pillars of Community, Compassion, and Excellence.

West Communities: Christi Martin

Christi, a lead Patient Care Coordinator at the Mena clinic, has been a true pillar of compassion within the Healthy Connections family. Always ready to lend a helping hand, her commitment to the well-being of our community is truly commendable. Colleagues describe her as someone who is””always willing to help and always there to lend you her smile if you don’t have your own.” Christi’s warmth and dedication have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves.

East Communities: Steven Blake

Steven, a Medical Assistant at the Hot Springs Central clinic, is a shining example of commitment and teamwork. His flexibility and willingness to adjust his schedule to ensure every clinic has adequate coverage showcase his dedication to the community’s health. Colleagues have praised him, noting that “Steven will change his schedule and float to different areas to ensure every clinic has adequate coverage. He never complains, comes to work to work, and is a great team player.” Steven’s selfless approach to his work reflects the very essence of Healthy Connections.

Steven Blake

As we celebrate Christi and Steven as our December Employees of the Month, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment to our three pillars. Their contributions not only enhance the quality of care we provide but also embody the spirit of community, compassion, and excellence that defines Healthy Connections. As winners, they will receive a $50 credit to the HC Hub Company Store.

Do you know who should be our next Healthy Connections employee of the month? Visit the HC Hub Employee Intranet to find the nomination form.

Congratulations, Christi and Steven, for being the shining stars that brighten our Healthy Connections family!



Moore Completes NPMC’s First Da Vinci Procedure

Revolutionizing Women’s Care: Dr. Pittman Moore Leads with First NPMC Da Vinci Surgery-Assisted Hysterectomy

Image courtesy Dr. Pittman Moore

Healthy Connections’ Dr Pittman Moore, OBGYN, completed the first  Da Vinci Robot-Assisted hysterectomy at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs.

This milestone demonstrates Healthy Connections providers’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of women’s care and offering patients advanced treatment options.

Enhanced Recovery, Minimized Impact

The Da Vinci system’s precision translates to a significantly improved surgical experience for patients. Compared to traditional methods, robot-assisted surgery boasts:

  • 40 percent reduction in blood loss
  • 30 percent smaller incisions
  • 25 percent faster recovery times

These benefits not only ensure a quicker return to everyday life for patients but also contribute to an overall improved patient experience, marked by reduced pain and discomfort.

Women’s Health Services with Dr. Pittman Moore

Dr. Moore provides women’s health services and bioidentical hormones at several Healthy Connections locations in Arkansas. His services also include evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, menopause treatment, pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, and laparoscopic (and now Da Vinci assisted) hysterectomy. Additionally, he treats both women and men with Biote bioidentical hormone treatment.

Strengthening the Team, Broadening Expertise

Further expanding its comprehensive women’s health program, Healthy Connections welcomes Dr. Kara Worley, a seasoned OBGYN with extensive expertise in obstetrics. Dr. Worley’s arrival bolsters the program’s scope, offering expert prenatal care, delivery options, and postpartum support. Patients across the region now have access to Dr. Worley’s specialized skills at various Healthy Connections locations, including NPMC where she delivers babies.

Seamless and Supportive:

Healthy Connections prioritizes a patient-centric approach, seamlessly blending the community focus of a Federally Qualified Health Center with the personalized care of a private practice. This translates to:

  • Streamlined scheduling: Request appointments online for any service, then enjoy efficient follow-up from our friendly team. Or call us at 888-710-8220.
  • Integrated records: Access your medical history and test results easily and securely through our patient portal.
  • Dedicated support teams: Get personalized guidance and assistance from knowledgeable professionals throughout your journey.

This stress-free and empowering healthcare experience ensures every woman feels heard, understood, and supported.

Experience the Difference

Drs. Moore and Worley, and the entire Healthy Connections team, provide women throughout Western and Central Arkansas with access to compassionate care. Whether you require routine checkups, advanced treatments, or simply want to explore the benefits of robot-assisted surgery for procedures like hysterectomy or myomectomy, take the first step towards enhanced women’s healthcare – schedule your consultation today!

About Healthy Connections

Healthy Connections is a cornerstone of medical, dental, and behavioral health services in Western and Central Arkansas. Driven by a commitment to Community, Compassion, and Excellence, they continue to redefine healthcare accessibility and quality across the region.

Andrea Wright Named 2023 Employee of the Year

Director of Practice Management Recognized for Outstanding Dedication and Versatility

Healthy Connections is proud to announce Andrea Wright as the 2023 Employee of the Year. As the Director of Practice Management, Andrea has displayed exceptional dedication, versatility, and an unwavering commitment to the organization’s core values of Community, Compassion, and Excellence.

Andrea’s journey with Healthy Connections began in 2013 when she joined as a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC). Over the years, she has steadily climbed the ranks, showcasing her passion for the community and commitment to delivering quality healthcare services. Today, as the Director of Practice Management, Andrea plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of our clinics.

Her ability to handle a diverse range of responsibilities with grace and proficiency sets her apart. Despite her demanding role, Andrea has consistently gone above and beyond, taking on additional tasks and responsibilities without hesitation. Her work ethic and positive attitude have made her an indispensable member of the Healthy Connections family.

One notable achievement is Andrea’s instrumental role in the reorganization of the Dental department. Despite limited prior knowledge of this specialty, Andrea fearlessly embraced the challenge, dedicating countless hours to understanding and improving the department’s operations. Her proactive approach and determination have significantly contributed to the enhancement of dental services provided by Healthy Connections.

“Andrea’s dedication and willingness to take on any challenge have made a lasting impact on our organization,” said Tony Calandro, CEO of Healthy Connections, Inc. ‘This recognition is well-deserved, and we are fortunate to have Andrea as a leader in our team.”

Fox, Geiling Named 2023 Providers of Year

Exceptional Providers Recognized for Outstanding Contributions to Healthcare Excellence

Healthy Connections proudly announces Dr. Patrick Fox and Zachary Geiling, APRN, as the Providers of the Year for 2023. Both esteemed healthcare professionals have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their patients and have played integral roles in the success and growth of their respective clinics.

Dr. Patrick Fox: A Leading Force in Primary Care

Dr. Patrick Fox, a Primary Care/Family Medicine Physician based at the Mena clinic, rejoined Healthy Connections in 2023 for his second stint with the organization. Dr. Fox is renowned as one of the top providers in the region, and his patients followed him back to Healthy Connections, a testament to the trust and confidence they have in his care.

Consistently earning 5-star reviews, Dr. Fox has achieved a remarkable 4.9 star average on Google, a 4.9 star average on Birdeye, and a perfect 5.0 star rating on WebMD. His commitment to excellence and the well-being of his patients has set a high standard for healthcare provision at Healthy Connections.

“Dr. Fox’s return to Healthy Connections has been a tremendous asset to our organization. His reputation for delivering exceptional care and his consistently outstanding reviews reflect his dedication to the highest standards of healthcare. We are proud to name him Provider of the Year for 2023,” said Tony Calandro, CEO of Healthy Connections, Inc.

Zachary Geiling, APRN: Driving Growth and Excellence in Hot Springs Village

Zachary Geiling, APRN, a family nurse practitioner based at the Hot Springs Village clinic, has been instrumental in the growth of the clinic since its inception in 2022. Under his guidance, the clinic has flourished from a modest start to a bustling center of healthcare excellence.

Patients consistently express their appreciation for the exceptional care provided by Zach. In 2023, he was honored as the Medical Provider of the Year by the readers of the Hot Springs Village Voice, further highlighting his impact on the local community. Zach consistently earns 5-star ratings, boasting a perfect 5.0 star rating on Google and Birdeye.

“Zach’s commitment to patient care and his role in the remarkable growth of our Hot Springs Village clinic make him truly deserving of the Provider of the Year recognition,” Calandro said. “His dedication and positive impact on the community align with Healthy Connections’ values, and we are grateful to have him on our team.”

The Provider of the Year awards were presented to Dr. Patrick Fox and Zachary Geiling at the annual Christmas parties held in December, celebrating their outstanding contributions to healthcare excellence at Healthy Connections.