Your Dedicated Partner in Family Medicine and Primary Care

At the heart of Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic’s mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate healthcare is Tamara Tate, APRN, FNP. With a rich background in nursing and specialized training in family medicine, Tamara is committed to offering personalized care to patients of all ages. Her journey from obtaining her BSN degree at Henderson State University to completing her MSN degree at Walden University has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to address a wide array of health concerns. Tamara’s passion for preventative care and wellness visits ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care aimed at maintaining and enhancing their well-being.

Collaborative Healthcare at Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic

While Tamara Tate plays a pivotal role in delivering primary care, the Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic is also home to a collaborative team of healthcare professionals. This team enhances the clinic’s services with specialties across various aspects of healthcare:

  • Dr. Anne Murphy, providing comprehensive primary care.
  • Dr. Jeremy Porter of My Kids Pediatric Clinic, specializing in pediatric services.
  • Eric Luster, APRN PMHNP from Evolve Behavioral Health Services, offering medication management.
  • Meg Stueart, LPC, of Evolve Behavioral Health Services, providing mental health therapy.

This multidisciplinary approach ensures that the Malvern community has access to a broad spectrum of healthcare services, from family medicine to specialized mental health support, all within a single, accessible location.

Why Choose Tamara Tate and Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic?

Tamara Tate, APRN, FNP, and the entire team at Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic are dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the Malvern community with a commitment to excellence. Tamara’s extensive experience and personal approach to healthcare make her a trusted provider for families seeking care that goes beyond treatment, focusing on preventive measures and the overall health and happiness of each patient.

Located at 900 MLK Blvd. in Malvern, the clinic welcomes patients into a caring and supportive environment. Accepting most insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, and offering a sliding fee scale for qualifying patients, Tamara Tate and the clinic strive to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

We invite you to schedule your next appointment with Tamara Tate, APRN, FNP, a healthcare provider who truly cares about your health and well-being. Call us today at 888-710-8220 to join the Malvern Teeter Plaza Clinic family. Let us be a part of your journey to better health.